Our Team

Marisa Kabas

is Editorial Director of Crush the Midterms and Editorial Campaigns Director at Purpose. She was previously a staff writer at Fusion and the Daily Dot, and continues to publish freelance writing about feminism, activism, and politics.

She is a graduate of George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs and lives in Brooklyn. Find her on Twitter @marisakabas.

Josh Hendler

is the Project Director of Crush the Midterms and CTO at Purpose. Josh joined Purpose after having worked at the intersection of social good and technology throughout his career. His sweet spot is technology leadership roles in politics, having served as the technology chief for the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America. During the 2008 campaign, he was a consultant to the Obama campaign, managing technology for distributed organizing efforts. Most recently, Josh was the Chief Technology Officer at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, a global communications agency, where he led product and consulted with the Digital and Sustainability practice. Working across NGOs and startups, he has been at Rock the Vote, Jumo and Major League Baseball Advanced Media.

He is a graduate of the Gallatin School at New York University. He lives in Oakland with his wife, son and two cats. Find him on Twitter @joshhendler.

Josh Levinger

is the Commander of Spacedog XYZ, a multi-dimensional digital agency for organizations on a mission. He has worked for ten years at the intersection of technology and activism with groups like Fight for the Future, Vote.org, CREDO Action, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and the Libyan High National Elections Commission. He specializes in voter engagement tools, and is thrilled to work with the Purpose team to Crush the Midterms.

He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MIT Media Lab, and lives in Oakland CA. Find him on Twitter @jlev.